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AbouT 78degrees

As the catering expert, we have established ourselves in the market through work, energy, inspiration and experience. We have set ourselves the goal to inspire you everyday by creating your unique culinary experience.


When Sebastian and Thomas during the project development of the German Pavilion Expo 2020 Dubai, neither of them had any idea that a joint culinary journey lay ahead of them, which led to the founding of 78degrees in June 2023.

Sebastian, who had previously acted more as a client, found in Thomas, a true culinary genius. Both see themselves  as a culinary travel companions with a shared a passion for outstanding and unique food.


years of experience in premium-catering


years combined international experience


delighted guests around the globe

Managing director

Thomas Gottschlich

As the CEO of 78Grad he has not only the passion for culinary excellence but also over 20 years experience in premium-catering.
Food offers an incredible number of possibilities and experiences for all our senses. I love being able to introduce others to the diversity and creativity of food through my work.

Exploring and sharing the world of food is my greatest passion. I am all about the pursuit of culinary excellence, the joy of indulging guests and creating a welcoming atmosphere. I pride myself in connecting people through culinary experiences.

The opportunity to overcome challenges and share my passion for culinary arts makes my job fulfilling and wonderful.

Managing director

Sebastian von Landsberg-Velen

Leading and organizing huge events and fairs worldwide Sebastian collected over 15 years of experience in operational excellence.

Food offers a vast array of possibilities and experiences for all our senses. It brings me great joy to share the richness and creativity of culinary diversity with others through my professional pursuits.

My passion is to ensure maximum comfort for families, friends, and guests, while also bringing people from diverse cultures together through our unique projects.

When guests leave our restaurant, I want them to do so with exactly one thought in mind: Tomorrow we will come back for sure.
Executive Assistant and Shop expert

Patricia Hohmeyer

Organising pavilion shops on various Expos Patricia will bring a unique shopping experience to our visitors. 

What I particularly like about my job is that it allows me to work in an environment that spreads joy and cheerfulness. It fills me with satisfaction to actively contribute to making our restaurant guests laugh, enjoy themselves and share precious moments with their loved ones.
Languages are my passion. They are the key to the world and enable me to immerse myself in different cultures and develop a deeper understanding of the diversity of humanity.
In Dubai at the Expo, I was bitten by the „gastro bug“ and both of them sparked my love for it with their way of doing things. I really enjoy working with them and we complement each other perfectly!
Start with us
unique cuisine
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Start with us unique cuisine
that convinces

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