Who we are

Our senses are the key to joy

As the catering expert, we have established ourselves in the market through work, energy, inspiration and experience. Our professional team works hand in hand to fulfil all requirements of our guests. We have set ourselves the goal to inspire our guests everyday by creating the perfect culinary expierience.


Favorite food:

Beef roulade is my guilty pleasure.

That’s why I teamed up with Sebastian:

I really appreciate his expertise, straightforward manner and professionalism. We met as colleagues and founded 78degrees as friends.

My passion is:

Exploring and sharing the world of food is my greatest passion. I am all about the pursuit of culinary excellence, the joy of indulging guests and creating a welcoming atmosphere. I pride myself in connecting people through culinary experiences.

At Expo 2025 in Osaka, I am most looking forward to:

Making the German restaurant in Osaka a success and introducing German food culture to our guests is what I look forward to most.

I love my job because:

I am excited by the creativity, diversity, customer satisfaction and teamwork. The opportunity to overcome challenges and share my passion for culinary arts makes my job fulfilling and wonderful. I am grateful to be able to pursue my passion of delighting guests every day.



Favorite food:

I die for baked fish “Finkenwerder Art”.

That’s why I teamed up with Thomas:

I always wanted to work with someone who represents the same values and aspirations as I do. With Thomas I have found the perfect partner. Every day I look forward to working with him anew.

My passion is:

To make everything possible so that families, friends and guests feel as comfortable as possible and that our unique projects bring people from the most diverse cultures together.

Most important to me at work is that:

My team is motivated and has fun at work.

What feeling do you want guests to leave the restaurant with?

Tomorrow we will come back for sure.

What can we help you with?

78° supports you in the planning and execution of your events and gastronomic projects. Professional advice is indispensable.